Light Commercial ENERGY STAR® Boiler Program

Terasan Gas is offering cash rebates of up to $1,495.00, if you’re building, converting or upgrading a small building you may qualify by installing an Energy Star condensing or near-condensing boiler sized up to 299 MBH. Rebates for new construction will be available to the builder/developer, and conversion and retrofit rebates will be available to the end customer, account holder, or building owner, as reflected on their Terasen Gas account.

Sponsoring agency: Terasen Gas
Type of agency: Utility company


If you're building, converting or upgrading your heating system, you may qualify for a cash rebate of up to $1,495 by installing an ENERGY STAR condensing or near-condensing boiler sized up to 299 MBH.

Typically this would apply to someone who:
  • owns a small commercial building
  • owns or manages a small (5-20 units) rental or strata multi-family dwelling
  • is a commercial developer or builder
  • has a long-term lease for a commercial enterprise
  • The facility where the boiler is installed must in the Terasen Gas service territories of the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Squamish, Interior of BC, Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast. This program is not offered in Whistler.
  • The facility where the boiler is installed must use natural gas purchased according to one of the following Terasen Gas Rate Schedules: 2, 2U, 3, 3U, 5, 23, 25, AGS, SCS-1, SCS-2 or LCS-1.
  • Rebates are available for multiple boilers in a single facility.
To qualify, installed boilers must be:
  • Installed on or after January 1, 2009;
  • Energy Star boilers (near-condensing boilers rated 85% AFUE or higher, or condensing boilers rated 90% AFUE or higher);
  • With input rating of up to 299,000 Btu/hr. Modular boiler size is based on individual boiler module.
  • Used for space heating, domestic water heating (in combination with space heating), process load, or a combination of these;
  • Not be used for exclusive pool heating or snow melting, unless boiler also serves heating load as main service; and
  • Installed by a BC Safety Authority registered gas contractor and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and must comply with applicable laws, codes, standards and ordinances.
  • The rebate is independent of the price of boilers or the total cost of the mechanical system. The program does not include any additional rebate or incentive for labour, vent modifications, piping changes, design calculations, or other equipment.


  • Terasen Gas may amend, modify or terminate this program at any time based on funding limitations or for any other reason, without notice.
  • Terasen Gas may accept applications up to 90 days after closing the program, but in no event will it accept applications received more than 90 days after the closing the program.
  • Applicant acknowledges that by taking part in the program, their boiler may use less natural gas and produce fewer emissions. Applicant agrees that Terasen Gas may record any resulting reductions in emissions along with those of participating customers and credit them to the Terasen Gas Greenhouse Gas Management Program.
  • Terasen Gas will have no ownership interest in the boiler.
  • Terasen Gas, not being the designer or manufacturer of the boiler, makes no representation or warranty, express or implied as to the fitness, design or capability of the material, equipment or workmanship of the boiler, nor any warranty that the boiler will satisfy the requirements of any law, specification, or contract.
  • The applicant is solely responsible for any tax liability imposed as a result of payment of the rebate.
  • The program is independent of other incentives and rebates by Terasen Gas and/or other utilities, manufacturers, or government incentive programs or grants.
  • Rebates cannot be assigned or transferred to another recipient.
  • In applying for this offer, please be aware that Terasen Gas or one of its agents may contact you in the future to participate in a survey about this offer.
  • Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Terasen Gas may randomly draw applications for on-site audits to ensure stated natural gas appliances are installed and to grant Terasen Gas reasonable access for these audits.
  • For more details on the rebates, warranties, please read the programs term & conditions here.

Application procedure

• To be eligible for the rebate, the participant must return a copy of the completed Application form and a copy of the invoice and/or work order that contains the date of installation and details of all work performed, including the make and model number of the boiler, the gas permit number and if applicable, a copy of the approval certificate and Certificate of Inspection from the BC Safety Authority.

Contact information

Telephone: 1-888-477-0777