LiveSmart BC Efficiency Incentive Program

LiveSmart BC offers grants for energy efficiency upgrades for heating, hot water, insulation, windows and doors, ventilation, and draft proofing for your home.

For more details, see the LiveSmart BC Efficiency Incentive Grant Chart.

Sponsoring agency: LiveSmart BC
Type of agency: Provincial government

Program offerings

To access grants, homeowners must have a Home Energy Assessment with a Certified Energy Advisor before and after renovations.

The Energy Assessment includes:

  1. a detailed energy evaluation of your home carried out by a Certified Energy Advisor
  2. a "blower door" test to find air leaks
  3. a customized report that shows where your energy dollars are being spent and what you can do to improve your home's energy efficiency
  4. an energy efficiency rating label that shows you how energy efficient your home is compared with others in your region


For single family homes, row houses, and mobile homes on permanent foundations.

Application deadline

Must complete follow-up assessment by March 31, 2011

Application procedure

To book an Energy Assessment with City Green, the only non-profit provider of the LiveSmart BC incentive, call 1.866.381.9995 or book online.

Contact information

Telephone: 1.866.381.9995