BC Hydro PowerSmart Energy Saving Kit Bulk Distribution Program

Each energy saving kit contains compact fluorescent light bulbs, weather stripping, window insulator film, electrical outlet and switch sealers, fridge and freezer thermometers, a low-flow showerhead, tap aerators, and an energy–saving nightlight. Read More.

Sponsoring agency: BC Hydro
Type of agency: Utility company

Program offerings

Kits can be distributed through a general process or by direct install.


This program is available for Not-For-Profit Housing Providers that manage their own stock of Housing


Total household income must be at or below the thresholds in Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-offs (LICO). Participants in the program must have a BC Hydro residential rate account, or non-profit housing providers with a commercial build meter.

Application procedure

Contact Carly Fryer, BC Hydro Product Delivery Specialist.

Contact information

Telephone: 604 453 6230

In addition to the Energy Saving Kit program, some housing providers may be eligible for BC Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), which provides low-income residential customers with a free energy efficiency evaluation, energy education and free installation of basic and extended energy conservation measures.